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A Guide to Excessive Accessories



Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, always has me in a very evaluative state of mind. Where have I been and where am I going? It’s no secret that this past year was the hardest of my life. Everything felt so heavy emotionally. My depression was not helped by the anxiety of our impending move to Texas. Walking into the unknown can either feel horribly terrifying or like a fantastic adventure. With my mental strength wavering, I could only see the coming change through a lens of great fear—a deep, dark rabbit hole. It makes sense in retrospect. Life had certainly slapped me around with a series of undesirable and downright traumatic events which I could not control within a short amount of time.

Both my husband and I have careers that require a lot of dressing up for events. We are also thrilled to be involved with numerous charitable causes that host galas as fundraisers. Fall is one of the busiest times in our event calendars with a plethora of soirees on the horizon. I love nothing more than an excuse for over-the-top glamour! I wanted to share a few tips I have for gala dressing along with links to some of my favorite dresses.

I know fall is just around the corner, but August is Texas’ hottest month, so I can’t begin to think about sweaters and boots just yet. My solution for surrendering to the sweltering temperatures? A round up of my favorite mommy & me swimsuits.

For summer getaways, statement accessories can take your resort-wear from blah to bold. A trendy pair of sunglasses, a chic bag, a statement sandal and playful jewels elevate your swimsuits and sundresses from vacations past.

Inevitably, when spring hits, the social obligations fill the calendar with charity events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and graduations. In the next six weeks alone we have three galas, two weddings, and Ira’s graduation from residency—each with an evening-wear dress code. The idea of buying six dresses in six weeks is not only exorbitantly costly, but also feels environmentally irresponsible.

This topic has been one of the most talked about subjects of anything I have shared since I started my blog over 5 years ago.  I guess because we all want to find a path to our best selves, and this is a plan that really works.  F-Factor is not a diet, it is a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that allows us to achieve longterm results. Unlike many weight-loss/weight-maintenence eating methods, followers of F-Factor eat carbs, dine in restaurants, drink alcohol, and work out less from day 1!

What to wear to greet springtime? Floral dresses, of course. What would Miranda Priestly have to say about that?

A brand I love, Parker, recently approached me for a #MOMGOALS Q&A.  I thought, "ME?! Mom goals?!"  I could think of so many other mamas that have it way more together than I do.  But then I thought, "You know what? We are all just doing our best!"

I'm not hitting festival season, but I am fresh off a chic trip to the desert!  It was nice to leave behind snowy NYC for a week in sunny Arizona for a very special Passover trip spent with my family. 

When it comes to purses, I’m not just looking for a bag to carry, I need a bag to carry me throughout my day. As a mama-on-the-move in NYC, my purse is not just an accessory; it’s a necessity.


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